Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sausage and Mushroom Pizza - Hold the crust

Sausage and mushrooms are our favorite pizza toppings. It seems there are never enough of those toppings when you order a pizza though. I saw some great looking portobello caps at the store and thought they would make a great dinner. I usually just grill them and serve them as a side. I know some people use them in place of meat because they are so meaty tasting, but with my husband it would be hard to have a meal without meat.

I found hot italian sausage on sale and a bell went off. Sausage and mushrooms. It's a combo we love so I knew this would be dinner one night. Plus since I love pizza and my husband only eats it because I like it, I knew it would be a chance for me to have those pizza flavors without it actually being pizza.

Portobellos stuffed with sausage:

6 large portobello caps
1 lb bulk hot italian sausage (you could use sweet, but we love hot)
your favorite tomato sauce
lots of mozzarella cheese

Grill or bake the mushroom caps until just tender. Brown the sausage and drain off fat. When the mushrooms are done, put just a little tomato sauce on then add sausage and cheese. Bake until bubbly.

Serve with a salad and bread sticks. It's a different take on the normal pizza.


Spawn said...

Whoa! I love sausages specially when put on a pizza...makes me drool..anyway, do you to have a link exchange? My site is all about a social network of food lovers and cooks just like you... please add me me back


nicole said...

Yum. Sausage and mushrooms always belong together. Looks good.