Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quick and Easy: Calzones!

Everyone needs a few quick and easy dinners in their arsenal. Tonight was one of those nights. We were busy all day running around and then when we were getting ready to head back home, the battery in the car died. Did I mention the last errand of the day was my BIG grocery shop? No? Let me tell you I was worried about all the meats and frozen vegetables I'd just bought. You see I usually do a really big shop every 6 weeks or so and just fill in as needed. Do you see why I was stressing? Luckily we were shopping at the commissary on a military base and there were lots of guys around willing to help. It didn't take too long, so I am glad to say my groceries survived.

All this excitement got us home late and we needed a quick dinner without going for take out. I just couldn't see going out for dinner while bringing all those groceries home. Luckily I'd picked up stuff to do a couple of quick and easy dinners. We decided making a calzone would just the thing.

Shhhhhhh, don't tell the food snobs, but this was more of a put together deal than actual "cooking". A can of Pillsbury pizza dough, jarred sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. To fancy it up, I brushed it with olive oil and gave it a sprinkle of oregano and grated parmesan. It was so simple and so good. Plus it was a lot cheaper than a calzone from the local pizza joint. Not to mention, I still get credit for cooking.

*I've heard calzones are not served with sauce, but around here they are which is good because I like a lot of sauce.

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