Monday, May 19, 2008

Beer Butt chicken: hold the beer but pass the margaritas

We are not beer drinkers in this house, but I love the idea of doing beer butt chicken. Since I would not want my chicken to have even a mild flavor of beer, we found something better. On a trip to Bass Pro Shop with my husband, I found a ceramic chicken holder that holds what ever liquids you want to add for flavor plus it can't tip over and spill. We have done several different liquids in the holder. (Of course now my husband thinks I love to go shopping in sporting goods stores since most of them carry cooking items. I of course make him think I only go because he wants me to, so I get points for going with him and I still get to look at cooking stuff)

Tonight we added margarita mix (it has a great citrus flavor) with limes and garlic. The chicken was brushed with olive oil and rubbed with salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning. In the neck, I stuff some lime slices for more flavor and to hold the steam in the chicken as it cooked.

It browns up so nicely on the grill plus it stays moist from the liquid in the holder.

See the Bass Pro label on the cooker?

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