Sunday, September 7, 2008

Vacation breakfast: Fruit Fritters

On our last day of vacation, we stopped at Yana's in Swansboro, NC. It's a cute little restaurant full of 60s memorabilia. Meeting you at the door is Elvis strumming on his guitar. Elvis is cool, but we go there for the fritters.

The fruit fritters are TO. DIE. FOR. They have them in apple, strawberry, banana and peach when in season. Since there were four of us at this meal and peaches were in season, we got an order of each one. It was the delicious. I have to say, the peach and strawberry are my favorite with apple following close behind. The banana is also very good but the others would win out if I had to pick.

No we didn't eat all of them or we would have been in diabetic shock, but they did provide enough sugar to get us through our shopping. Yana's has take out boxes with the directions how to reheat them right on the box. They heat up very well.

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Stephanie said...

When I saw the picture I was sooo hoping that you had a recipe for those! They look fantastic! So, just a tiny bit of disappointment that there's no recipe. :-) But they sound great - glad you were able to enjoy your delicious looking breakfast!