Saturday, March 22, 2008

When life give you lots of parmesan cheese and a new oven

You make Parmesan and Black pepper shortbreads. I've been saving all kinds of recipes from food blogs all over while waiting for us to replace my oven. The computer in the oven went crazy so when I would try to bake, instead of it staying at 350 or whatever temperature I needed, it just keep right on getting hot until it turned itself off. I even had a burn mark at the vent. It took us a couple of months to get it replaced (my husband was in Iraq and then we happily celebrated his retirement!) Now that it is replaced, I'll be baking up a storm.

First the lovely grated parmesan

Put the butter, herbs, cheese and pepper in your mixing bowl.

Add the flour and mix. Roll into logs and slice off and get ready for the heavenly scent coming from your oven.

The buttery, peppery, crisp finished product.

I got the recipe from Techicolor Kitchen. I doubled the recipe then I ended up not baking all of them this time to save some for the freezer. We will be taking a road trip soon so I will bake them off before we leave so we'll have car snacks.

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