Monday, March 24, 2008

Firecracker Chicken

Sometimes it pays to tag along with your husband to Lowes. We had already spent the better part of the morning there looking some kind of screw fitting thingy and he still didn't have just what he wanted.

On the next trip to Lowes, I picked up a magazine out of the rack and parked myself in the patio furniture while he searched for the right thing. I grabbed a Cook's Illustrated because I am always on the look out for a new recipe. I thought I'd found the one. Firecracker Chicken. It sounded yummy. I planned on purchasing the magazine but my husband had already checked out and I didn't want to get back in line. (Our Lowes never has more than two cashiers working at any time) There were only two recipes in the whole magazine I thought I would actually try, the firecracker chicken and a chocolate black out cake. I decided to do without it for now, but I couldn't stop thinking about the recipe.

What is a girl to do?

Google it!

I found the recipe at Recipezaar. I was so excited and I had everything on hand. So Firecracker Chicken became what's for dinner tonight. The chicken by itself had a great flavor from the marinating.

The sauce is DIVINE! I will be making this sauce for so many meats. The one change I made was not to add a habanero, I used a jalapeƱo instead. I like heat but I'm not interested in burning off my taste buds.

To round out our dinner we had roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potato fries. I think there is also a piece of leftover PUSDC for dessert.

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Jen said...

Looks wonderful-I will have to try this! I doubt the boy would like the Brussels sprouts, will have to sub some other green veggie in its place.