Thursday, August 6, 2009

Flounder with peppers and olives

Like everyone else out there, we are trying to improve our eating habits. I have been researching different recipes and diet plans to find more healthful meals for my family. One blog I found that I love is Kayln's Kitchen.

Kayln's blog has many recipes following the South Beach diet and the recipes are low carb and low on the glycemic index. This is important to me now because someone I love was recently diagnosed with diabetes and I want to be able to make fabulous meals for her so she does not feel like she is missing out on all the goodies that were a part of her diet.

With this change of eating, not only are we going to be leaving out sugar and flour, we are also going to be adding more fish to our diet. I am not a big fan of fish but I love almost all other seafood. I can eat fish if it is very flavorful so I am always on the look out for fish recipes with a lot of strong flavors. I found this recipe on Kayln's blog. I had flounder in my freezer so I used it instead of tilapia.

Even if you don't like fish, give this a try. The topping is great and I bet it would be good on chicken breasts as well. I think we will be giving it a try on other fish and chicken.

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Kristen - Dine & Dish said...

Good luck with your new eating plan. Kalyn's blog is the best place to get those kind of recipes! So inspiring.
This looks like a delicious dish.
My favorite non-fishy fish to make is Tilapia. Love it!